The interesting sharings of 12 film crews in the press premiere

The 12 film crews were present at the press conference on October 28th, including: Ellipsis (Australia), Salt is leaving the sea (Indonesia), Student A (Korea), The Darkroom (Iran), Pupa (India), Summer in closed Eyes (Viet Nam), Insane Mother (Mongolia), The Name (Japan), Looking for Kafka (Chinese, Taipei), Kupal (Iran), Please care (Philippines), When smoke collides (Thailand).

This is the film crews to attend the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival in many categories such as Featured Length Films, Short films, World Cinema Panorama Program, Iran Cinema in Focus. At the premiere, filmmakers had the opportunity to share more about the film, behind the scenes’ secrets, and more than that, the meaning of embarking on the project.

Like Ellipsis directed by David Wenham, he was a famous actor before embarking on a career as a director. As a director who has the advantage of his own acting experience, David Wenham did not put too many goals for this film, because this is like an experiment to him. A film done in 10 days, the first 3 days he talked with 2 actors about the script idea, about their characters, and they had only 7 days to complete the film. David Wenham said he wanted to make a true work, the actors told the story to strangers. there were no arrangements.

In line with the truth of the story, the film Salt is leaving the sea exploits the theme of forbidden love in Indonesia, the love of priest and nun. This subject is censored in Indonesia. Actress Maudy Koesnaedi shared that, in order to be able to successfully complete the role, director Robby Ertanto let her be in contact with nuns, integrate into their lives and listen to the stories of them, from which to grasp the feelings for herself.

Iranian and Thai cinemas also have difficulties in censorship. So many filmmakers either focus on the creation of the film, or will not premiere in the country, but usually choose to attend  an International Film Festival, which can bring the film to the audience more widely.

The Dark Room is also a film with a sensitive subject in Iran. Director Seyedrouhollah Hejazi said he chose storytelling to limit censorship, starting with the mother's story about her child, in a dark room. Or short film When smoke collides brings a lot of personal views of the Thai director Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul. The director revealed that, although in Thai cinema, audiences often encounter homosexual roles with personality humor, or full of desire ... so he wants to exploit them in a different way, more love, and humanities.
In addition, many other films also exploit the theme of human personality, highlighting the humanity of the story. They can be a person between the two paths of choice, between parents and careers. They may also be the ones who are distracted by people around, one day seeking to integrate into society ...

At the press premiere conference, the only Vietnamese film crew to participate in the Featured Length film category is Summer in closed eyes with four members attended: Cao Thuy Nhi (director), Phuong Anh Dao (actress) , Pham Thanh Tam (producer), Minh Hoang (deputy director).
The film crew shared, this is the first project of all the members. They are all passionate about cinema, working style, as well as movie language, which is the premise for them to cooperate in filmmaking. Director Cao Thuy Nhi added: "Summer in Closed eyes has no hot scenes, no nonsense humor. The film is a simple, gentlevoice, promote family feelings, love. Although the film has a lot of context in Japan, but also has many images with the typical culture of Vietnam. For example, the ao dai (traditional long dress) of Ha, the tray of rice of traditional Vietnamese family ... ".

In the press premiere of film crews, in addition to Vietnamese reporters, there was Ms Lekha ShanKar, correspondent of the Asian Age newspaper (India). Ms. Lekha ShanKar expressed her interest in and understanding of cinema works, as well as members attending the press conference through many creative questions.

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Picture: Duy Vũ


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