Outdoor Film Screening: Warming the autumn weather in Hanoi

The Tailor is the only Vietnamese film to be screened on the opening night of October 28th of the Outdoor Film Screening in 3 nights October 28th,29th,30th in the framework of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival. Many people were present early to participate in the exchange with producer of the film - actress Ngo Thanh Van and enjoy the film. Before the screening, the Hanoi audiences also have a chance to enjoy the hit songs of singer, actress Phuong Thanh, Minh Thu and the talented singer Jis from Korea. The show and performance of the artists warmed the atmosphere at the Ly Thai To monument flower garden - Hanoi.

Hanoi International Film Festival is a film festival organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Hanoi. The Cinema Department presides, coordinates with the Hanoi Culture and Sports Department in organizing every two years, including film screening, seminars and awarding activities. Outdoor screenings are part of a series of events that are well received by the capital public.

At the opening night of this activity, Ms Nguyen Thi Van Anh - Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports said; "Hanoi is really pleased to welcome many delegates, artists and filmmakers national and internationally to the capital on the occasion of the film festival. Hanoi International Film Festival is not only the festival of cinema but also a festival of Hanoi. We hope that Hanoi, a city recognized by Unesco as a city for peace, will appear more in the works of international filmmakers".
Only by presenting at the outdoor screening, can you feel the "hot" from the audience. Regardless of age, all of them are in the same mood of excitement and in harmony with the hit series of singer, actor Phuong Thanh as Trống vắng, Giã từ dĩ vãng, Lang thang and Nối vòng tay lớn or Em ở đâu, Back home by a Korean singer who has special love for Vietnam - Jis.

The first screening of the outdoor screenings in the framework of the Ha Noi International film festival attracted a large audience. Probably not only the weather is favorable but also it’s the walking day in Ho Guom.
Ms. Dao Ngoc Yen and her family are like many spectators who are present at the outdoor film screening at Ly Thai To Garden to see the film The tailor. They feel so lucky. Because they have not had a chance to watch the film before. And it’s luckier that they can enjoy the film in a very jubilant atmosphere of the film festival taking place in the capital.

Unlike Tào Ngọc Yến's family, Nguyen Van Khanh lives in My Dinh - far away from the show. He missed the opportunity to see The Tailor before. This time, knowing about the film screening through a website, Khanh came to Ho Guom to enjoy the film alone. Khanh shared; 'This is a movie about a long dress - Saigon's fashion for women in the 60s-70s, although Khanh is a man but he really likes the idea of this film. Last year, he missed the screenings at the cinema. So today Khanh determined to go to the screening to see the movie at any price.

Presented at the show quite early, Ms. Tran Thi Sang 65 years old has found herself a nice seat to enjoy the film. She watched the TV and know that The Tailor was invited to attend the 2018 Asian International Film Festival in Los Angeles. She was so sorry for not having chance to see it because when she knew it was too late.
As a movie lover, especially Vietnamese movies,  so she has seen quite many and know a lot of 'movie stars' such as Truong Ngoc Anh, Tang Thanh Ha, Ngo Thanh Van ... When her daughter told her about the outdoor screening, she was really happy and arrange work to be here early. She said: 'There are still two outdoor screenings, and I certainly will not miss a chance like this.'

There are audiences like Ms Tran Thi Sang or Nguyen Van Khanh and many audiences who are present at the screening are the luck for The Tailor in particular and Vietnamese films in general. Although different in terms of generation, sex and circumstances, but the love of cinema is no limit and no distance


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