284 candidates participated in the volunteer interview of the 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival

On October 7th, at the Cinema Department, The Organizing Committee of the 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival interviewed 284 candidates to recruit volunteers for the Festival.

From nearly 900 candidate profiles of many leading universities in Hanoi such as: Foreign Trade University, Diplomatic Academy, Law University, Science and Technology University, National Economics University, University of Sciences, University of Pharmacy, University of Business and Technology, Ha Noi Open University, Thang Long University, The Organizing Committee of the 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival has chosen 284 candidates to participate in the volunteer interview.

The interview took place in a serious atmosphere. In addition to learning about the character, study process and strength of each individual, the judges constantly gave specific practical situations for the candidates to handle.
Candidates are full of confidence, bravery, dynamic. There are many bright candidates who are fluent at least a foreign language.

Rufino Aybar, a Spanish Candidate was the one who most impressed to the judges. He is now a student of Diplomatic Academy. Rufino Aybar is fluent in 3 languages: Spanish, Vietnamese and English. Although he was the first person to interview, but his confidence with big goals in his life left a great impression.
Candidates in the interview emphasized the friendly, gentle and foreign language skills of the members of the jury.
Pham Thi Kim Mai, a student of the Diplomatic Academy, shared after the interview: "Before the interview, I was a bit pressured, however, at the interview, the judges were very friendly so I felt relax. Whether I am selected or not depends on the assessment of the Judges but I am very happy because the interview’s given me more experience. "

Nguyen Hong Nhung, a student of Hanoi University, was quite interested in the situation questions of the judges. She said: "They asked me about the situation when a guest asks me to buy a coffee and then the guest lose luggage. I had to think for a moment and answer honestly. Though I do not know whether I can pass or not, but I found the interview interesting. "

Hong Nhung was also one of the earliest students, witnessing the first interview, she said she was very impressed with the confidence, answered fluently in English and Vietnamese of Rufino Aybar.

Vu Thi Tu Anh, who has been in charge of volunteering for the four International Film Festivals, said: "The number of students enrolled this year is not as much as the previous festival, but the quality is even better, their ability to speak foreign language is also much improved. According to the general level of the interview day, about 70% of contestants were good compared to the expectations of the organizers.
Tu Anh said that she is currently working at a foreign company, but her love of cinema and her desire to contribute a part in the success of the Ha Noi International Festival. Along with that, she wishes to help students change their lifestyle, open more opportunities later so she has been working in the volunteer work for the festival for 4 times. Just in the year 2012, she could not participate.

That is also the common feelings of Ms. Thuy Tien, who joined the volunteer Jury from the first International Film Festival. Through five festivals, Ms. Thuy Tien said, the volunteer work becomes more and more professional. The quality of the candidates in the interview becomes more equal.

In previous festivals, volunteers are a team of energetic, enthusiastic young students, who are not afraid to be difficult, contributed to the success of the festival.

Khánh Hòa

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