10 Polish movies not to be missed at Haniff 2018

Poland - the country most well known to Vietnamese with the beautiful capital Warsaw, classic literature works, but in terms of cinema, Poland is not inferior to other European countries. This year, the 2018 Haniff’s Organizing Committee decided to choose Polish cinema as the focus program at the Film Festival. 10 Polish films below promise a unique spiritual food can not be ignored for those who love cinema.

1. Ashes and Diamonds (1958)


Director: Andrzej Wajda
Starring: Zbigniew Cybulski, Ewa Krzyzewska
Awards: BAFTA Film Award (1960), FIPRESCI Prize at the Venice Film Festival (1959)
The film is considered a historical landmark of Polish cinema. It happened when the Germany officially surrendered to the Allied forces after World War II. The film depicts two Polish Army officers who have been assigned to assassinate a high-ranking official of the rival factions.


2. Nights and Days (1975)
Director: Jerzy Antczak
Starring: Jadwiga Baranska, Jerzy Binczycki
Awards: Academy Award Nomination 1977 for Best Foreign Language Film.
Nights and Days was described as "Poland's Gone with the Wind”. Amid the turbulence of World War I, Barbara Niechcic recalls her dramatic life since 1893 with many difficulties: her marriage to a man she does not initially love, numerous family struggles in the countryside, illness and death of her first child.


3. The Promised Land (1975)
Director: Andrzej Wajda
Starring: Daniel Olbrychski, Wojciech Pszoniak
Awards: Golden Prize At the 9th Moscow International Film Festival in 1975.
The film based on a novel by Wladyslaw Reymont. Karol Borowiecki, the protagonist, was a salesman of a famous oil and gas corporation who changed his life after arriving in a small rural town, where his company wanted to exploit its oil and gas resources.

4. The Pianist (2002)
Director: Roman Polanski
Starring: Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann
Awards: 3 Oscars for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for Best Film in 2003.
So far, The Pianist is still one of the many pride of Polish cinema. The fiercest battle of World War II, Wladyslaw Szpiman, a proud pianist with his family was pushed into the concentration camp, then he must alone wandering in the ruined streets. He always struggled to live and play the piano again.

5. Warsaw '44 (2014)
Director: Jan Komasa
Starring: Józef Pawlowski, Zofia Wichlacz
Awards: Best film of the Polish Film Critics Association (2014)
In the summer of 1944, Stefan Zawadzki joined the armed uprising against the German occupying force. He was accompanied by his close friend Beksa. In addition, the film also described the relationship of Stefan's affection with two beautiful young girls: nurse Ala and Kama.

6. Tatarak (2009)
Director: Andrzej Wajda
Starring: Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz, Krystyna Janda
Awards: Best film at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival in 2009.
In a small-town in the late 1950s, an aging woman, Marta, married to a workaholic husband met a young man who made her feel young again.

7. Ida (2013)
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Starring: Agata Kulesza, Agata Trzebuchowska
Awards: Best Foreign Language Film at Oscar 2015
Anna was an orphan nun, after many years, she resumed contact with her only relatives, Aunt Wanda. Wanda told Anna that her real name was Ida, her parents were Jewish and they died in the war. After that, the two traveled together on their way to the past, in search of the burial place of Ida's parents. The secret was suddenly revealed.

8. One way ticket to the moon (2013)
Director: Jacek Bromski
Starring: Filip Plawiak, Mateusz Kosciukiewicz
Awards: Nominee for Best Eastern European Film at Santa Barbara International Film Festival
In 1969, two young brothers, Adam and Antoni, traveled through Poland. On that journey, both of them gradually matured, learned new things and explored many other aspects of themselves.

9. Plan B (2018)
Director: Kinga Debska
Starring: Kinga Preis, Marcin Dorocinski
The lives of four people in different circumstances unexpectedly change, forcing them to confront the new reality and struggle to find happiness. However, the situations that they had to deal with bring amazing solutions.


10. Silent Night  (2017)
Director: Piotr Domalewski
Starring: Dawid Ogrodnik, Tomasz Zietek
Awards: Best Film of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Critics Awards 2017
Adam unexpectedly visits his family at Christmas after a few years of working abroad. No family member knows about his secret plans and the real reasons of his visit.

All films will be screened non-commercially for public presentation at some cinemas in the framework of Haniff 2018 from October 27th to 31st 2018 in Hanoi.
The opening and closing ceremony will be broadcast live on VTV - Vietnam Television.

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