General information
The HANIFF Campus brings emerging talent and seasoned film professionals together and offers them a platform to refresh their views, discover new horizons, find fellow filmmaking collaborators and discuss new trends and developments in contemporary cinema and media.
The HANIFF Campus lasts for six days and offers different programm elements for DIRECTORS • ACTORS- ACTRESSES and SCRIPTWRITERS
Grand Format
Lectures, panel discussions and stars-in-the-limelight sessions addressing the burning, inspirational and vibrant issues in filmmaking today. Taking place in Festival’s Hotels, this format consists of large public events with topics that are of general relevance to all Talents. High-profile directors, producers, actors, editors, cinematographers, cameraman and production designers of international reputation share their experience in moderated lectures and panel discussions. The experts offer insight into various working methods and provide a background that ranges from all aspects of film production to promotion. Many of these events will relate to current issues addressed in the cinema showcased at the Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF).
Workshops, seminars and case studies enabling Talents to interact with world-class experts from all disciplines. Atelier sessions offer the opportunity for a more intimate and interactive exchange of experiences between Talents and experts. The sessions are focused on specific fields of work, yet at the same time allow Talents from various disciplines to attend – thus enabling, for example, Talent directors to gain valuable information about the specifics of cinematography, acting techniques or production design, as well as giving Talent producers insight into the working process of a set designer or providing Talent actors with information on the newest ways of internet distribution for short films. This interdisciplinary and interactive set-up forms the backbone of the Atelier sessions. Basic and advanced courses are conducted by internationally renowned experts.
The HANIFF Producing workshop is a place for young producers. This workshop will provide lectures, discussions and experiences in producing and project pitching for young producers. Beside the online application, producers need to submit a short description about their up-coming film projects (5 pages).
The HANIFF Directing Studio is a hands-on training program for a group of approximate 10 directors. The training program provides a wide variety of training opportunities in making a film, working with dialogue, casting and camera acting. The HANIFF DIRECTING STUDIO is aimed at enabling directors to improve their performance by connecting them to professionals from other film disciplines.
The HANIFF Acting Stage is a hands-on training program for actors and actress participating in the HANIFF Campus.
Around 10 participants of the HANIFF Campus are selected by a jury to take part in the Acting Stage, a hands-on training program for young actors and actress. Helping the Talents find creative solutions to their specific acting problems. It connects actors together, gives them a chance to discuss with the experienced actors and actress in Vietnam and in the world. They will be trained in real situations of acting, then get the lessons for themselves.

Please take a moment to see if you meet the following criteria. You must be able to answer “yes” to all these questions to be eligible to apply:
•    Are you fluent in English? (In particular, can you fill out the application in English and understand a lecture or discussion in English?)
•    Do you work or study in the areas of screenwriting, documentary filmmaking, producing, directing, cinematography, acting, editing, film criticism, distribution, sound design, film music composition, art direction or production design?
If you can affirm all these questions, you are eligible to apply for the HANIFF Campus.
Participation conditions
If you are interested in applying, please read through the following participation conditions for the HANIFF Campus.
A) Qualification
Your application for the HANIFF Campus will only be processed if you meet the following requirements:
1. You are fluent in the English language.
2. You fill out the application form correctly and entirely in English. In case you are selected as participant, please be aware that your data will be published on our website as provided by you.
3. You work in one of these areas: screenwriting, producing, direction, cinematography, acting, animation, production design, and distribution.
4. You have worked on a short film at least
5. You have submitted a complete application, including a sample of work.
6. You are able to attend all 5 days of the Campus.
Please note that the application is individual. We cannot accept team applications. You must have obtained the consent of the other copyright owners for the use of the work sample submitted as stated below.
B) Regulation about participants’ film material or sample of work:
    1) The participant hereby agrees that his/her photograph and data may be published on the website and in the magazine of the HANIFF Campus as provided in the "Presentation" area of the online application form. (This can be customized by the participant at any time by logging into his/her profile.)
    2) The participant agrees that his/her sample of work submitted to the HANIFF Campus may be shown publicly at the HANIFF Campus, and streamed on the website of the HANIFF Campus or related organizations and/or sponsors of the HANIFF Campus.
    3) The participant agrees that the aforementioned use of his/her work may also include podcasting. This means that his/her work can be accessed and podcast and that he/she can access the works of other talents, and vice-versa.
    4) The participant agrees that his/her submitted sample of work, may be published by the HANIFF Campus in full length or as an excerpt in print or television or any other multimedia format for promotional purposes of the HANIFF Campus.
    5) The participant declares that he/she owns the copyright for the sample of work submitted, according to the relevant national and international regulations. This includes music and sound effects included in sample of work. He/she guarantees that no rights of third parties are violated by the material used in the film or other sample of work submitted. The participant unconditionally and irrevocably declares his/her copyright responsibility towards third parties in case of disputes over copyright violations. In this respect the participant exempts the HANIFF Campus from all claims by third parties.
    6) The applicant agrees that his/her work can be presented to parties who are interested in the commercial exploitation of the short film or the work sample submitted. The HANIFF Campus will not negotiate any commercial exploitation of the submitted works without a written agreement from the copyright holder.
    7) The HANIFF Campus is not liable for any loss or damage incurred, irrespective of the cause.
    8) If the submitted sample of work and short film are not selected, the submitted sample of work or short film will not be returned.

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