Flower garden at King Ly Thai To statue: Monday is still "uproarious and hot" as holidays

"Uproarious", "evenful" and "hot" are the phrases used to depict the atmosphere in the garden of the statue of King Ly Thai To - the venue for the second outdoor movie screening in the framework of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival - Haniff 2018 in the evening of Octorber 29th.

Following the success of the opening night, the audiences are still eager to come to the second night of the show. Many viewers have been present early to enjoy the famous movie screened at Haniff 2018. Before the show, Hanoi audiences also have the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant songs, hot dance of actress Minh Thư. Then the space becomes quiet through the ballads of the young singer Jis. Jis said that he is very happy to attend the 2018 outdoor movie screenings.

After enjoying the film The Tailor on the night of October 28th, Jis is eagerly waiting for the next day to meet and interact with the audience and especially to enjoy the film here.

Jis is a young singer from Korea who has a love for Vietnam. Jis has been known as one of the youngest artists to cover many famous ballads and Korean dramas. He is also very successful in the songs he composed himself.
Anida and the floating circus, Argentine film, directed by Liliana Romero has been selected for the outdoor screening the second night. Liliana achieved Bachelor in Fine Arts in Argentina in 1992. She once directed short animation and won six national and International prizes. The feature fiction-animation film Anida and the floating circus was made in 2017. Anida is a young gypsy girl who earns her living by practicing the fine art of palmstry. She and her inseparable pet, Vincent the toad, live in a floating circus, where nobody can get leave from. The film won the prize Mention of the Jury at Festival of the New Latin American Cinema LA HABANA CUBA 2017.
"This afternoon, after picking up my daughter from school, I do the housework quickly and help my children to do her homework. After that, we go to the cinema together," said Mai Huong, a spectator sitting in the front row. I know that this is an animation so I take my daughter to go with me. It’s because this is an animated film and the content of the film is very human, meaningful, through which my daughter will learned a lot of good things".

Cinema is the bridge for strangers to become familiar, Ms. Thu in Vong Duc, Hoan Kiem said: "I love films, I’m very happy when Hanoi organizes Hanoi Film Festival . And this festival, I have a new friend - a special friend with the same passion of cinema with me.”.
In the last outdoor screening in the evening of October 30th , there will be a special feature film from Australia – Ellipsis of the famous director, movie star David Wenham.
Thu Hà


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