Vietnamese love Vietnamese films at the 5th International Film Festival

On the second day of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy many excellent Vietnamese movies.

Within the framework of the 5th Fifth Hanoi International Film Festival, Vietnamese Contemporary Films Program took place excitingly at the cinema complexes in the air of expectation of the capital's public when enjoying the works with many breakthroughs of Vietnam cinema.

In the morning of October 28th, at the National Cinema Center, 11 hopes of director Robie Truong was the first film tobe screened. With the theme of football and many images reminiscent of the Vietnam team's recent success, 11 hopes have made many people feel moved and live in the atmosphere of football in the cinema.

By the afternoon of the same day, another feature film was The Tailor directed by Tran Buu Loc and Kay Nguyen, produced by Ngo Thanh Van attracted a large audience. 15 minutes before the film was shown there was almost no vacant seat.

Ms. Nguyen Maria in Tay Ho district expressed her feelings when she had the opportunity to enjoy The Tailor: "Through information about the film The Tailor, I think that this is one of the films showing that Vietnam cinema is growing, surely the film brings me and the audience into the on-screen experience, to see the angle of old life compared to now. I also hear that the costume in the film is very charming and beautiful. When knowing that The Tailor will represent Vietnam to compete for the upcoming Oscars, many older audiences like Nguyen Maria are very happy.

At Kim Dong Theater, the audience chooses to see their favourite Vietnamese movies.
Huy, the ticket office manager at the cinema, said on October 27th, audiences came to see My Mr. Wife (director Charlie Nguyen) very crowded, almost filled the room in the theater. He also thinks that this will be the most attracting movie to attract audiences to Kim Dong theater in this year's free screening program.

According to Huy's observation, viewers are of all ages, in addition to young people, there are many old people who hardly or never go to the cinema. They do not hesitate to give big applauses after enjoying the movie and leaving with a good mood. Huy hopes that this exciting atmosphere will continue when Kim Dong Cinema screen a number of Vietnamese films such as My girlfriend is boss or Like an old house.

At 13:00 the same day, the cinema also brought a comedy titled 798Muoi to audience. Although it was widely screened on the occasion of Lunar New Year but film of director Dustin Nguyen is still very attractive, bringing a lot of laughter to audience during the weekend with friends and relatives.

Contemporary Vietnamese Films continues to be held in theaters until October 31st, 2018.
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