The secret of success in Iranian cinema

No hot scenes, no violence, no alcohol and strict censorship, but Iranian cinema has achieved great success at many international film festivals. What has made that magic? A seminar on Iranian cinema achievements took place in the morning of October 29th, helped people who love Iranian cinema find the answer.

Attending the seminar were Dr Ngo Phuong Lan - Director of the Cinema Department, General Director of the 5th Hanoi  International Film Festival, Cinema Critic Philip Cheah - Former Director of the Singapore International Film Festival (chairman of the seminar); Mr Miguel Dela Rosa, Managing Director of the ASEAN Film Fund, Iranian film critic Mohammad Attebbai and Iranian filmmakers attend the Film Festival, including Director Rouhollah Hejazi; Director Kazem Mollaie, Director Shahram Morki. The representative of Vietnam was director Nguyen Hoang Diep.
At the seminar, Iranian directors shared their personal experiences in a straight manner. Director Rouhollah Hejazi said it was "thanks to" censorship that Iran's young filmmakers have found their creative storytelling. Film critic Mohammad Attebbai felt fortunate to be involved in the process of promoting and reviewing Iranian films for international distribution. With the information shared by Iranian filmmakers, it can be understood that the Iranian government has also supported domestic cinema with the founding of the Cinema Fund in 1984 with the original aim of publishing, then producing  films. Also, prior to success, Iranian cinema also has time to make efforts to assert themselves. They once sent telegrams to 300 Film Festivals around the world and received only 2 responses. And at that time, this made Iranian filmmakers believe that the world was thinking Iranian cinema not exist.

All Iranian films were sent to the International Film Festivals only through the Cinema Fund. After 5 years trying to persevere, exchange, learn and seek opportunities, the first Iranian films have been selected to compete in some film festivals. Iranian filmmakers, meanwhile, are not discouraged. They are still trying to encourage the development of cinema. One of their contributions to the success of Iranian cinema is "always want to make independent films" and overcome the problem of censorship by becoming more creative. For example, sex and violence in a film are treated with light, sound, angular, emotional or through the language of the art to tell the problem of sexual violence.
At the seminar, Director - People's Artist Dang Nhat Minh expressed his respect for Iranian cinema. He said that the Iranian artists he has met were lovers and attached to Iranian people. And so their works always are on the side of ordinary people in society. He hopes the Iranian audience will know more about Vietnamese cinema.
Director Nguyen Hoang Diep said she learned the secrets of Iranian filmmakers in telling stories close to life rather than focusing too much on technology, technical sophistication or state budget. .
The seminar Iranian cinema achievements in international film festivals is one of the important activities organized in the framework of the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival. With the precious exchanges of Iranian filmmakers and artists, filmmakers who have filmed competed in this year's festival, film managers in Asia, Vietnam as well as Vietnamese artists – who love and are interested in Iranian cinema seem to understand the story of this highly successful cinema.


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