Agata Trzebuchowska: “Knock the door” of cinematic, an open for Oscar!

In recent years, the first step to cinematic of most of the actors is not very successful. However, Polish actor Agata Trzebuchowska did this thing with Ida in 2013 when she was in the film that won the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the prestigious Oscar, European Film Festival and London Film Festival, etc., as well as received the nomination during the Golden Globe Award. It was not by accident or luck that thanks to the strength of her - a girl never filmed as Agata Trzebuchowska has received appreciation from the critics as well as the audience with just the first film.

Agata Trzebuchowska in Ida

Accidentally come to cinematic
Ida director – Pawel Pawlikowski- shared how lucky he was when he had found Agata Trzebuchowska. After weeks of casting actor from professional to semi-professional even scavenged in the training-school for actors but Ida role still could not have a master. Pawel seemed to have to cancel the project or rewrite the role to suitable for best person that he had but suddenly in a beautiful day passing the café he saw his “Ida” reading.
Agata Trzebuchowska attracts people through her big eyes even she is not too pretty but smart and agile. When the director came in contact, he noticed that she had a tenderness and calmness that was rare in modern girls. Agata was a special person, Pawel said in an interview with Collider. In the graduating girl of philosophy and history at Warsaw University, there are many commons with Ida character. She is very cautious of every statement, observing everything around her very carefully. In addition, she does everything in her own way and in particular adheres to her own principles. She attracts others by being wise and honest. Other actors recommended by the nun will say, "Oh, I always wanted to play the nun once in my life because I am a believer. " but Agata does not. She is even so different that she has no interest in acting. Director Pawel said that this is really rare when meeting a young girl who does not want to film and become an Entertainer. Agata always kept a certain distance from the modern world outside just like the orphan girl Ida. After talking to director Pawel, Agata finally accepted the film because she really loved his films, especially My Summer of Love, which helped bring Emily Blunt to the top of the movie star.

Accidentally “Knock the door” the art of Saturday through a chat in the cafe, however, with her intelligence, Agata Trzebuchowska learned very quickly to be able to complete the role. Not only did she bring her natural to the film but she also showed her great potential to become a movie star. Ida faces many major shocks in her life making many important decisions that sometimes make her life change. Ida is innocent but she has complex inner thoughts and sometimes disoriented when she knowns the truth about her family. With the help of Agata Kulesza, who plays Ida's aunt in the movie, the young girl gradually proves herself and contributes to the success of the team.
Deciding not to pursue a career despite being successful
Highly-paid actors and being well-known throughout the media are a dream for many people, especially for young modern girls. It is not a common occurrence when people have a chance to film and successful in acting in the first time so Ida is considered as a golden opportunity for Agata Trzebuchowska to change her life. However, this powerful woman does not want her career to develop in that way and it could be a shock decision to the media and fans of Ida, but with Agata there is no regret.
In an interview with The New York Daily News, she said that the profession really did not appeal to her. The life of a performer is not always easy, no matter how much she tries to stay away from the media. In addition, Agata said that her ability is not limited to acting and she wanted to try as a director. Being tested for the role of Ida in Paweł Pawlikowski's film is a wonderful experience. For Agata it was like going out for an adventure and having a happy ending but that was not the way she chose to develop herself. Many fans will regret when Ida's role is played really well by an amazing actor Agata Trzebuchowska but also the last time they saw her on the screen as an actor. But Director Pawel and the crew of the film made another comment. Although there is no opportunity to see Agata's acting, they still hope to collaborate with her in the next projects.
Although Trzebuchowska has not won the Oscar for her starring role in Ida (2013), she still proud to be a Polish actress who has made this prestigious film for her country. After Ida, Agata played as an assistant director for the short film The Field Guide to Evil (2017), the scriptwriter and director for the short film Skwar in the same year.
Actress Agata Trzebuchowska and “Ida” will go to Vietnam to take a part in the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF). Beside the chance to watch the movie Ida in theaters in Hanoi within the time of Polish spotlight, the audience also have a chance to meet Agata Trzebuchowska on the red carpet as well as interact with her.

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