Besides the general framework of the program, Camp Young Author HANIFF includes 03 practice training program. Approved to participate in this program, you need to fill out the registration form and then submit the form to be considered in this program. You can also register personally at one of the three programs by using the registration form available on the website.

Registration for the program consists of 03 sections

 Part 1: Registration

First of all, you need to accept the conditions for participation Young Author HANIFF Camp. Then you register under templates (available for download from the website English language, send email (cc: Need more information at the address or telephone 043.9447388 / 043.9447399 or 0120.587.5734 / 097.858.3566.

Round 2: Submit the form

You must submit ONE (01) of the samples of your product to registration.


Besides the general framework of the program, Camp Young Author HANIFF includes 03 practice training program. Approved to participate in this program, you need to fill out the registration form and then submit the form to be considered in this program. You can also register personally at one of the three programs by using the registration form available on the website. Or you can register as a group (producers, directors, scriptwriters) for all 3 programs, in this case, each member of the team must submit a separate registration section (script, scene Assembly telephone, etc ...) of the same movie to give samples of your work.

HANIFF songwriting camp children will split the lecture, discussion and practice. 30 people selected may attend all lectures and discussions.


The meeting welcomed the idea of ​​the script writer. Application program will include ideas the script (no more than 5 pages, including logline and synopsis). All this material will be saved in a PDF or Word file and then be attached to the application. Complete script (feature films or short films) must be completed before the registration deadline. The Selection Committee may ask you to send this script in the process of considering options. The scenario may be in English or Vietnamese, but mandatory registration form must be completed in English.


The market welcomed the project HANIFF MANUFACTURER DIRECTOR and film. The program will facilitate 10 young filmmakers the opportunity to present the project to the co-producer and donors. The project should have feasible and consistent with the international co-production. You must fill in the registration form are available, in addition, upload 5 page summary of the project (including the production plan and budget is expected) and 5-page excerpt from the script (both must be in English) . All will be submitted together in one PDF or Word. You must have a completed script at the time of registration and a script in English at the time of the writing camp.


HANIFF studios open to the DIRECTOR. HANIFF studio will give the director of lectures, discussions and practical section focused on directing the actors and team work skills. Along with the application, the directors need to submit a short description of their current project (no more than 5 pages) and a video clip of the film (probably short films, feature films or drama Figure) that they had directed.

If you are not selected to attend Camp Children HANIFF Author, an application to attend these programs will not be considered.


Document or sample movie of participants.

1) Participants agree that the pictures and data of his / her participation will be posted on the website and in the magazine of the Young Author HANIFF Camp.

2) Participants agree that his product samples / she sent to Camp Author HANIFF Children must be public and available at the camp of the youth camp HANIFF composed or organizations and donors for programs youth camp HANIFF compositions.

3) Participants agreed that the use of the form of his / her aforementioned including radio equipment via podcast. Means his samples / she can be accessed and played via podcast. On the contrary, he / she has the right to access and reference samples of different talents.

4) Member agrees that the template attended Youth Camp Author HANIFF can be published in full text or just text excerpts or television or any form of other media aimed promotion program Youth Camp Author HANIFF.

5) Based on national regulations and relevant international, participants must confirm copyright ownership of the samples submitted to the festival, including sound effects, instrumentation. His / her participation to ensure that the material used in the film or in the other film samples submitted Film Festival without appearing rights of a third party. In the case of copyright infringement dispute, the applicant declared liable for copyright third parties.

6) Participants agreed that the form of his / her which can be shown to interested parties in the field of short films or film form to send participants. Author Camp Steering Committee will not negotiate Children HANIFF for any commercial purposes from samples sent to attend film festival which has no written agreement between the copyright owner of that product.

7) Youth Camp HANIFF Author will not be responsible for any damage or loss occurred without appropriate reasons.

8) In the case of the samples and short films not selected, the organizers will not return these products.

Deadline for registration
07/15/2016 - 09/30/2016

Time of event
From March 01 to November 5, 2016

Event Location
Hotels LHP.

Selection of participants

Participants will be given Organization Youth Camp HANIFF Author selection. Applicants selected will be notified by e-mail. List of selected candidates will be published on the website. You can also monitor this choice by logging into your online account. To participate in the Youth Camp Author, there is no legal requirement.

Grants travel expenses

The organizers will pay travel costs, hotel and meals for all that you are selected to attend. Details will be communicated to the individual.


Young Author Camp Program is a program HANIFF comprehensive, free and offers many benefits to all participants. The presence of your talent on our Web site make a difference and create conditions for international filmmakers know your name. For our part, we hope that the cooperation and participation of your regular at Youth Camp this Author. For those members who abuse their powers, the regular member is absent, the program steering committee HANIFF Camp Author children have the right to expel members on out website.


Author HANIFF camp children show respect for privacy rights of individuals. We do not buy or sell personal information or samples of participants for the purpose of profit. Registration information and product samples will be kept confidential, only the new Campus HANIFF employees have access to this registration information. When given the option to participate HANIFF Camp Young Author, profile information and product samples will be used to participate as in (C 2-5). Specifically, your information will be displayed in the data base at Camp Author Young, on the Web site or the relevant locations. The purpose of this facility to enhance information exchange and discussion between the delegates, participants, experts and attendees. Website design purpose to encourage the participation of delegates Creative Youth Camp program HANIFF and International Youth Camp Author from all sides in the field of filmmaking, and also widely advertised to the public Author of children program HANIFF Camp. We appreciate the participation of guests and eager to get criticism, help from you.

The 4th Hanoi international film festival