Moreish taste of time

Time changes many things, especially how people enjoy life. In ancient times, many people see cai luong, we can say that the 60s is the most prosperous decade of cai luong in the South, overwhelms the modern music. After 1975, cai luong of the South was gradually decline, it's time to professionalize drama and reached to the high level of art. Movies also have significantly. The video quality is also gradually change with the development of technology, from the silent film, to normal film, from black and white film to color film ... to serve the increasing entertain needs of viewers. Fashion also changes from time. From feudal period with all sorts of clothing exclusively for classes such as the Imperial costume of emperors, the Court dress, Civilian clothes of mandarin, the formal clothes with Phoenix pattern for Queen...
Or cross-collared robe, 4-part dress, or shirtless and wearing loincloths style of men, and brassiere, simply skirts of women, then a front-buttoned gown and trouser through the Ordinance of the Nguyen, then the clothing fashion style marked as Western style. All of those things are undergoing a process of selection and rejection to retain the essence of the time. Wine too. In ancient time, Vietnamese people only drink "national wine – ruou ta” is wine brewed by using rice or sticky rice, after that is “Western wine” introduced from the French resistance.

When economy is opening, the possibility of international integration is higher, many kinds of foreign wine conditionally penetrate to Vietnam market. Therefore, drinking culture is also change as well. When we drink, we just “tac” bowl, “thu” bowl (owner pours wine for guests was "tac", guests return the favor as "enemies") until completely drunk. On the other hands, there are people from upper class prefer enjoying imported wine cold-cut (ham) and cheese. People started to pay attention on how to toast as Western culture – which do not have in traditional culture.


Today, toasts are not polite as they were before, but shorter, or more fun. From changing drinking habits, names are familiar to consumers as Pasion - wine made from Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is known for aroma passionate increasingly more popular in parties, and restaurants. This is also the wine brand that sponsoring for International Film Festival Haniff, bringing cinematic value to Vietnamese soul who in love with art. We can say, as times change, people increasingly focus on lifestyle, such as the taste of the time more and more "darker", as a way to enjoy life.



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