Vietnamese and International Artists to visit Ha Long Bay

Not just a place to mount the filmmakers, cinema activists worldwide, Hanoi International Film Festival also contributes to promote the image of Vietnam with beautiful and peaceful scenery to international friends, the development of other sectors, especially tourism and services.

One of the significant activities in HANIFF is the one day visitting Halong Bay of Vietnamese and International Artists on November 4th. Leaving Hanoi at 6am, the delegation supported by the traffic police arrived Halong Bay in a beautiful autumn day.
All international friends can not help admiring the magnificent beauty of the Halong Bay.
All cameras, smartphones work at full capacity and the call "selfie" by young Korean, Japanese artists mixed altogether. Sure, Ha Long Bay has charmed all members of Haniff delegation. Many people said they would definitely return to Vietnam, visit Hanoi, Halong Bay, along with their relatives as tourists.

From left: People's Artist Luong Duc, Journalist Van Anh, People's Artist Ngoc Lan,

Meritorious Artist Vu LeMy, Meritorious Artist Thanh Loan, Actress Zinaida Kirienko, Meritorious Artist To Uyen.

"Haniff delegation" was greeted solemnly and warmly on a cruise ship terminal of Tuan Chau Island

Actress Zinaida Kirienko on Halong Bay

Director Maxine Williamson Australia (white shirt) was "happy" to visit Halong Bay

Actress- Meritorious Artist Kim Xuan (left) said she had visited Halong several times

and every time ... she can not help but take photos memories

The artist's improvisation!


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