"Vietnam Animation Films can be further developed in the 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival "

In recent years, the Vietnamese animation films have been developing positively. Many of them have won awards in domestic film festivals, some have impressed at international film festivals. The 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival held from Octorber 27th to 31st this year will be an opportunity for Vietnamese animation films to further develope and reach out to the world, said Mr. Pham Ngoc Tuan - General Director of Vietnam Animation Film Joint Stock Company.

Meritorious Artist Pham Ngoc Tuan - General Director of Vietnam Animation Film Joint Stock Company

Attending the Fifth Ha Noi International Film Festival, how  many films has your company sent to the Organizing Committee?

The Vietnam Animation Film Joint Stock Company has selected and sent 11 films to the Organizing Committee to attend the 5th Ha Noi International Film Festival. Include: A Mannequin Boy, The little Flame, The joy of a honeybee, Tale of Phoenix flowers, The tale of Khan Pieu, A warm halo, The Little Seagull, The Hero in plain clothing, Little toad the Bitus, The girl of golden straws, Secret of the children.

Before that, has your company set any criteria to select the above films to participate in the contest?

Yes. All films have been carefully selected. They must suitable to all criteria in content, creative ideas, beautiful images, diverse topics… such as film with philosophical, children’s stories, legend, national history, silent film...

Scene in the A Mannequin Boy

Some of these films have won Kite Award at the Vietnam Film Festival, but there are films of other companies participate in this Festival. Do you feel confident in your films?

In 11 films, “The Boy Manocanh” won the Golden Lotus at the 20th Vietnam Film Festival, Anh hùng áo vải won the 2017 Golden Kite, Bí mật những đứa trẻ “Secret of the Children” won the 2017Silver Kite ... This festival is a large-scale organized one, many countries’ve sent films to compette. Therefore, our Company as well as other local companies have the opportunity to introduce the best animated films to the Festival Organizing Committee. I believe that the Director of the Cinema Department together with the Jury will have a look of sympathy, love to our films as the film Bo vang “Golden Cow”.

The scene in Tale of Phoenix flowers

And is this Festival a great opportunity to bring Vietnamese animation films to the world?

Right. This is the first festival that animated films take part in the screening program and the panorama program. As a result, Vietnamese animation will be able to be introduced to a large number of domestic and foreign audiences. It is also a chance for Vietnam Animation Film Company to promote its films to the world. In addition, the festival is an opportunity for animators to exchange and learn with world-famous filmmakers, thereby improving the technology as well as broadening the ideas and set goals for themselves.

The question of whether Vietnamese animation can catch up with other developed countries such as the United States, Japan, China, Korea ... has always been set for many years. Can you predict how long Vietnamese animation will become one of the premiere genres in theaters?

Currently, I can only hope that in the coming years, Vietnam will have attractive films, long series of high entertainment, animated film suitable for being screen in theaters.

Scene in The Hero in plain clothing

How has the Vietnam Animation Film Company made the move so that animation films can reach the audience?

Our company has been distributing films at Thanh Giong Theater, increasing film screenings in kindergartens, on the youtube channel and social networks. In addition to increasing the audience for cartoons, then we have been able to accommodate comments and suggestions so that the films can be adapted to the needs of today's audiences.

Thank you!

Khánh Hòa

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