Meet the film crew at the 4 th Hanoi international Film Festival

As one of the activities that has the media’s attention, in the morning of November 3 rd , 2016, at the Press Centre of the 4 th Hanoi International Film Festival, there is a meeting between journalists and representatives of 10 delegations that have film attend the festival.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of intimacy, cozy and exciting. The content of the meeting revolves around the cinematographic works, the stories about making films, the experience while attending film festivals and all the speciality in cinema activities of each country ...

When talking a bout their “brainchildren", director Lawrence Fajardo (Invisible - Philippines), actor Yossawat Sittiwong (The Island Funeral - Thailand), director Lei Yuan Bin (Fundamentally Happy - Singapore) said they based on the real stories or characters to make the film/ the role.

For more convincing to the audience, the directors have come to prototypes in life to talk and interview them, and the story of the films are also based on research results of the specialized agencies of their countries.

Candy Boys from Japan

Jackpot from Vietnam

The authors said most of their films are low-budget, they had to face many difficulties in the process of filmmaking, from script writing, called on investors tofilming. Like in Jackpots (Vietnam), recording time was only 17 days; Fundamentally Happy (Singapore), the actor, actress and cameramen did not receive their remuneration. They just want their stories to come to the audience.

Fundamentally Happy (Singapore)

These problems reflected in the film are not new: stories of marriage and family (Blossoming into a family - Japan; Droughts and lies - Iran), the lives of the rural people facing with urbanization problems (JAGAT - Malaysia), immigration to seek in vain to change one’s life (Invisible - Philippines), sexual abuse of minors (Fundamentally Happy -Singapore ) ... are the stories that may be encountered in any country.

Director Mehdi Fard Ghaderi from Iran

But to connect and spread these stories to be global issues, there is no way more effectively than the emotions of the viewers. Therefore, the directors said  they tried to tell their stories honestly, with their own feelings on the issue that they concerned.

To bring films to the international festivals, Manufacturer BB Pham and Director Dustin Nguyen - Vietnam - said that in addition to the help and introduction of agencies and professional associations, directors and producers should also  actively explore, contact with the festival organizing committee to submit their films to attend.

Imbisibol from Philippines

Or the case of the film- Fundamentally Happy -Singapore - the director and main actor have to take care of all funding while attending the festival with the desire to introduce their work to international audience (including Vietnam) and to seek opportunities for cooperation in the next fillm via Hanoi international  Film festival this time.

Hong Gam

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