Registration for the program consists of 03 sections

 Part 1: Registration

First of all, you need to accept the conditions for participation Young Author HANIFF Camp. Then you register under templates (available for download from the website English language, send email (cc: Need more information at the address or telephone 043.9447388 / 043.9447399 or 0120.587.5734 / 097.858.3566.

Round 2: Submit the form

You must submit ONE (01) of the samples of your product to registration.


Besides the general framework of the program, Camp Young Author HANIFF includes 03 practice training program. Approved to participate in this program, you need to fill out the registration form and then submit the form to be considered in this program. You can also register personally at one of the three programs by using the registration form available on the website. Or you can register as a group (producers, directors, scriptwriters) for all 3 programs, in this case, each member of the team must submit a separate registration section (script, scene Assembly telephone, etc ...) of the same movie to give samples of your work.

HANIFF songwriting camp children will split the lecture, discussion and practice. 30 people selected may attend all lectures and discussions.


Download Registration form in here

The 4th Hanoi international film festival